Retroback® Back Support System


Category: Wheelchair Seating & Positioning

The Retroback® Back Support System has a unique clip on / clip off design.  Most back supports require that you remove the existing upholstery and replace it with a solid back support through the use of tools and mounting hardware.  Not the case with Retroback.  Simply clip Retroback onto the existing sling upholstery and lift it off every time a wheelchair needs to be folded or stored. No tools or hardware needed!

The Retroback Back Support System is durable yet lightweight. This rugged back support system weighs only 3 pounds (1 kg), making it easy to attach and remove from a wheelchair.  The removable, water-resistant cover is made of a flexible, durable, washable fabric. 

Retroback improves comfort and supports posture.  Retroback also provides support and comfort with only minor compromise to seat depth since the back support is positioned between the wheelchair back posts.  The simple yet functional design provides rigidity to compensate for sagging sling wheelchair back upholstery, while increasing sitting tolerance and reducing lower back fatigue.

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  • Product Number: 95
  • Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty

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