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Extremely knowledgeable and professional. In 32 years of needing medical equipment, I have never been treated with the same level of concern for my individual needs and comfort as I have experienced with Therapeutic Specialties. They worked closely with my physician and rehabilitation specialist to determine which chair and available options would be most beneficial to my circumstances. A demo was brought to my home for trial and modifications to my home were suggested that simplified my life without a lot of money. A real plus was that my chair was approved, ordered, and delivered to me in weeks instead of months. Extraordinary customer support and service. - Tamela W.

My Ti-Lite TR fits me perfectly . I was fitted for my chair, based on my physical build. Because of this, I can accomplish many things would otherwise be impossible. - Kevin G.

After my injury 9 1/2 months ago, having to choose my first wheelchair seemed like a daunting task. Luke at Therapeutic Specialties and my PT worked together to find the best solution for me; and, they also worked out a lot of the details with my insurance company so I wouldn't have to! Luke explained all of the different models and features and what would be best suited for me and my lifestyle. He also was very helpful in getting other products for my ADLs. I would highly recommend Therapeutic Specialties. - Eric R.

As a wheelchair user for the last 11 years and as a professional in the rehab community, I have worked with a number of seating providers. My experience with Luke at Therapeutic Specialties has been fantastic! The staff has up to date knowledge on current seating research, they communicate well and are easy to get in touch with. I would definitely recommend anyone who needs mobility equipment to use them. - Jessie H.

I purchased my Ti Lite TRA wheelchair from them in August 2015. They made sure it fit my body perfect to maximize my maneuverability. Their partnership with Washington University and Paraquad makes the perfect mobility solution! - David M.