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Permobil is the world leading manufacturer of powered wheelchairs. For more than 40 years we have been developing products that positively impact the mobility and daily lives of people with disabilities. Our products offer people with disabilities the opportunity to lead active, independent lives. And at the heart of every one of our designs is the person who will be using the product. This is one of the reasons why we have had such success with our products and services. We always focus on the people who will use our products and their unique needs.

Today, we have an exciting range of wheelchairs for children, young people and adults. Since we focus on active, independent people, we offer wheelchairs for both indoor and outdoor use. We have a global support and service organization that is a guarantee of safety and positive cooperation through the lifetime of our wheelchairs. With a focus on innovation and quality, we deliver reliable and safe products to simplify people's everyday lives.


Permobil's pediatric products are designed to fit children and small adults while offering the same level of performance and independence as our adult wheelchairs. With features that encourage outdoor activities and with adjustable depth, width and height, these are chairs designed to grow with the child for many years to come.


Our outdoor collections are far from ordinary powered wheelchairs. These powerful products have the ability to safely take an adventurous user far away from the well prepared routes. They are equipped with powerful motor packages, robust suspension systems, larger battery technologies, and wider, longer stances that allow users to smoothly travel at speeds up to 15 km/h. With built-in technology such as ESP (Enhanced Steering Performance) Permobil's outdoor models offer the best alternative on and off road, in nature, in town and in everyday of your life.


Permobil's indoor/outdoor chairs are easily maneuvered in a variety of environments. Usability combined with innovative design and unbeatable comfort makes the indoor/outdoor collection perfect all around wheelchairs. With tight turning radiuses, they are easy to drive in small spaces but powerful motors and technically advanced bases give these wheelchairs exceptional outdoor performance.  Permobil's indoor/outdoor chairs give you usability and choice, and are perfect for every occasion.

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