St. Louis Wheelchairs

St. Louis Complex Rehab Wheelchair Custom Fitters

Finding a wheelchair is easy. Finding the wheelchair that is custom fitted to provide optimum health, independence and comfort takes experts like the ones you will find at Therapeutic Specialties, Inc. The wheelchairs from Therapeutic Specialties, Inc. are complex rehab wheelchairs that are designed and customized by our trained professionals and our associates at our partners at Paraquad, Inc., and the Washington University Occupational Therapy Seating and Mobility clinic.

St. Louis Respected Mobility Manufacturers

Therapeutic Specialties, Inc.  has  long-standing relationships with respected mobility manufacturers including Permobil, Pride/Qauntaum, Sunrise Quickie, TiLite and more.  We also work with Jay, Max MobilityROHO and more for all your accessory, seating and positioning needs. Working with these companies who are at the cutting edge of technology, we are able to provide our customers with spinal cord injuries, cerebral palsy, MS and other specific needs with top quality mobility products that will allow them the best lives possible.

St. Louis Full Service Quality Wheelchair Repair

Therapeutic Specialties, Inc. assistive technology repair services help people with disabilities stay active and involved in the community. Services include wheelchair repair and maintenance, and repair of any power or manual mobility device. We offer pick up and delivery services, too! We accept insurance or private pay. Our three professional wheelchair and power assistive equipment technicians have over 25 years of combined service and are committed to your satisfaction and comfort.  We offer convenient drop in hours or are available by appointment.

Custom Complex Rehab Wheelchair Solutions

Therapeutic Specialties, Inc. knows that when it comes to wheelchairs, customization is key. There are countless factors that must be taken into consideration to find the right fit for a person’s body, abilities, needs, and goals. From the type of the cushion to the height of the arm rests, every measurement and detail plays a vital part of ensuring the perfect fit. 

Complex Wheelchair Evaluation Assessment

Our team of experts will partner with you to perform a comprehensive evaluation and assessment so that together, we can find just the right wheelchair for you or your loved one. Throughout the process, we’ll look at body weight, height, range of motion, strength, mobility needs, home environment, and the places and spaces you go every day so that we can find the best choice and fit for your lifestyle.

See the Therapeutic Specialties, Inc. Products page for  a complete list of our mobility products. Please contact us for an appointment or with questions.